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Ski Goggles

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About Ski Goggles at evo

Clear vision, and great UV protection are paramount when you’re skiing, which is why ski goggles are such an important part of your kit. Without good ski goggles your time on the mountain will be dangerous, frustrating, and uncomfortable.

There’s a huge variety of goggle frame shapes and sizes, and lense tints on the market right now, so we’ve got ski goggles covering the full spectrum to make sure we’ve got something that will fill your need. The most important aspect of ski goggles is fit. Without a good fit they’ll be uncomfortable and prone to fogging up. So look for ski goggles with a frame size and shape that works with your face shape and size, as well as with your ski helmet.

Next it’s important to determine what ski goggle lenses you’ll need. Our guide to ski goggle lens tints breaks down the available tints and how they perform in different conditions. Make sure the lenses that come with your goggles are optimized for the lighting conditions you usually ski in as this will help you see better all while protecting your eyes.

A good pair of skiing goggles is the difference between a great day of skiing, and a day ended early because you can’t see. Make sure your eyes have the right protection, before you get to the hill.

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