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Snowboard Socks

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About Snowboard Socks at evo:

While nearly every rider knows the importance of snowboard boots, it can be easy to overlook snowboard socks. Having a proper pair of snowboard socks is an immense help in keeping your feet dry and warm while you’re out shredding the mountain.

There are two main advantages to dedicated socks for snowboarding. The first is the materials they’re made of. Snowboard socks typically employ wool, merino wool, or synthetic materials that pull moisture and sweat away from your feet, and wet feet means cold feet. These materials also get less smelly, it’s a win-win. The second advantage of snowboard socks is thickness - or lack thereof. Thick snowboard socks may actually keep you less warm in snowboard boots, as they can restrict the circulation in your feet. Less circulation means less warmth. This is why thin snowboard socks are preferred by many riders.

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