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The 10 Best Snowboards of 2023-2024

By: Landon Harmon: Data Specialist | September 22, 2023


2024 is all about versatility, and this selection of snow-riding crafts is a testament to that. While not every one of these snowboards is a total quiver killer, they all have a good degree of range. Imagine a classic spring powder day at your local hill. It starts off cold and deep, and you’re making first tracks through the trees with your friends. Pretty soon though it's getting tracked, and you’re hunting side hits and bashing through chunder. After a quick lunch break the sun breaks through, and that park you didn’t even consider in the morning is looking mighty fun. With visualizations like that, choosing a snowboard just became that much easier.

New This Year:

This year unveils an exciting range of new models that are set to redefine the snowboarding experience. The Aeronaut, Deep Fake, and Candle Rain are bringing innovative designs that cater to a variety of riding styles. The Lib Rig, with its cutting-edge technology, promises to take on-mountain performance to new heights, while the Beyond Medals edition is all about melding style with functionality. These fresh additions to the snowboarding realm not only promise exhilarating rides but also ensure that every rider finds their perfect match to conquer the slopes. The 2024 snowboard lineup is indeed a testimony to how the sport is evolving, with brands pushing the envelope to deliver boards that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are performance-oriented.

CAPiTA Aeronaut Snowboard 2024

CAPiTA Aeronaut

Set the controls for the heart of the fun: the Starship Sidehit is all gassed up and ready to flow! The CAPiTA Aeronaut Snowboard is your ticket to riding like the Rocket Man, Arthur Longo. This is the resort maximizer, the gap discoverer, the euphoria explorer. It's made to accelerate across the flats, from one hidden popper to another, creating loft whether it's hardpacked or soft. A semi-throwback directional board with traditional camber and a progressive sidecut, the Aeronaut breaks out of the ho-hum numb with speed and pop as you assert full control over the resort. Flash mob in the statue garden, it's time to make that corduroy smoke.

Brad, Customer Care Representative: "This board takes me back to the Capita classics like the Stairmaster, except with modern enhancements, design, and tech. This board offers that traditional poppy and snappy camber, superior edge hold, and lightly responsive feel."

Read CAPiTA Aeronaut In-Depth Review

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Flat/Camber/Flat6 out of 10Directional$649.95

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Ride Deep Fake Snowboard 2024

Ride Deep Fake

The all new Ride Deep Fake Snowboard is a freeride specialist with big ambitions. Those ambitions include - but are not limited to - slaying pow, zooming groomers, and world domimation. Ride's Directional Extra Camber profile combines with their Tapered Linear Quadratic Sidecut for incredible stability, power, and edge-hold for no-speed-limit riding, while brand new Metal Slimwall comstruction adds a layer of Titanal into the mix for improved durability and response. The Deep Fake is no joke, take a rip and find out!

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber8 out of 10Directional$599.95

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Arbor Formula Camber Snowboard 2024

Arbor Formula Camber

The Arbor Formula Camber Snowboard embodies all-mountain utility in a classic twin, cambered design. For intermediate to advanced riders, the Formula delivers value and performance with sustainably built construction that absolutely rips. Thriving all around the slopes, you can explore any run with your signature style. System camber provides extra stability, while a medium flex ensures you can still tweak and throw down.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Camber5/10Directional Twin$449.95

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Arbor Candle Rain Camber Snowboard 2024

Arbor Candle Rain Camber

Bring out the fire within and unlock your freeride potential on the Arbor Candle Rain Camber Snowboard. Designed for powder, big mountain, and resort riding, the Pat Moore designed Candle Rain Camber is a directional twin that can do it all. Blending traditional snowboard design with innovative eco friendly materials and a responsive Double Barrel II wood core, this is a powerful platform for riders pushing the limits both in and out of bounds.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Camber6/10Directional Twin$649.95

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CAPiTA Mercury Snowboard 2024

CAPiTA Mercury

Sidehit hunters with that transition x-ray vision will love the new CAPiTA Mercury Snowboard. This weapon is happiest when carving through choppy snow, maintaining its stability and composure while laughing in the face of tracked-out terrain. It's perfect for seeking out hidden stashes of powder and creative cat track transfers, where it can charge harder and boost higher than seems prudent. Designed for riders who seek boost and roost, the CAPiTA Mercury Snowboard is a versatile option that can handle any challenge the mountain throws at it.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/Rocker6.5/10Directional Twin$629.95

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K2 Excavator Snowboard 2024

K2 Excavator

Can you dig it? CAN YOU DIG IT? No, we're not quoting an iconic line from 1979 cult favorite, 'The Warriors', we're talking about the K2 Excavator Snowboard. The question is rhetorical, because we're pretty sure that you will, in fact, dig it. With a fat nose and slight swallowtail, the Excavator features a smooth al dente flex pattern that blends camber underfoot with rocker up front. Pre-cambered Carbon Power Forks in the tail provide extra snap for ollies and precise turn exits, while the multi-radius sidecut helps with turn initiation. From powder to corduroy, frontside to back, this freerider is the perfect match.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price

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Burton Good Company Snowboard 2024

Burton Good Company

The Burton Good Company Snowboard offers a simple, uncomplicated recipe for all mountain riding with a playful twist. It combines a classic twin shape with poppy traditional camber and a not-too-stiff, not-too-soft flex that thrives no matter where you point it. From the groomers to the trees to the park, the Good Company is guaranteed to serve up a great time.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
CamberMediumDirectional Twin$439.95

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Jones Stratos Snowboard 2024

Jones Stratos

The Jones Stratos Snowboard is a modern day freeride icon with deep roots in the ancient art of freestyle. The name alone evokes a timeless, elevated quality, as if strapping in grants the rider access to the upper reaches of the stratosphere, hucking thousand foot cliffs and stomping landings on monstrous cumulonimbus clouds. It's heady stuff, but this board delivers down here in the surface realm, too. The hybrid shape blends the directional feel of a freeride charger with the narrow sidecut and playful flex of a freestyle specialist. With 10mm of taper and Float Pack Inserts, it crushes pow on the deepest days, and it's the first board you'll reach for when the groomers are firing. Add the Stratos to your quiver and it's all up for grabs. Go get some!

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price

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Lib Tech Lib Rig Snowboard 2024

Lib Tech Lib Rig

If the best snowboarder on the mountain is the one having the most fun, we can draw a line under it right now. It's Austen Sweetin, no question. Sweetin is a force of nature - a dynamic, all terrain charger who's down to tackle any line and usually does so with uncanny style. That's the ethos behind his new pro-model, the Lib Tech Lib Rig Snowboard. Designed for the all-mountain ripper with no boundaries, this do anything, go anywhere shred rig pairs powerful C3 Camber with a little setback and a medium flex for boot-packin', rope-duckin', cliff huckin' good times.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price

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Bataleon Beyond Medals Snowboard 2024

Bataleon Beyond Medals

The Bataleon Beyond Medals Snowboard is a nod at the Goliath and Whatever, with a unique elongated nose and squared off tail that supports the fast and aggressive riding style of Tor Lundström. Constructed with a stiff flex and classic directional twin shape, it supports fast and hard riding in whatever conditions you're willing to brave. Sleek graphics and an ultra light core for maneuverability top off this powerful collaboration that combines your favorite brands and riders with functional, shreddable gear.

Tommy, IT Support Technician: "This board felt like nothing I have ridden before, and I found myself smiling ear to ear at the bottom of every run. Messing around with the binding placement made it feel like a different board each time, where a small adjustment brought out different aspects of the design."

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RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Camber7/10Directional Twin$539.95

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