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About evo:

We are evo - a ski, snowboard, mountain bike, surf, wake, skate, camp, and lifestyle retailer based in Seattle, Washington, USA, with stores located across the USA & Canada. We seek to be much more than a retailer offering a unique and welcoming experience - from our world-class customer service team to our library of gear and how-to guides, all the way through our ground-roots community-focused stores and events. We are gear experts, storytellers, community organizers.

evo explores the collaboration between culture, sports, and community. Our aim is to bring all things relevant to the urban, action sports lifestyle into one creative space, leveraging our reach to positively influence the communities in which we live and play. Whether it is on the website, on the phone or, in our stores, our aim is to make all who come into contact with evo feel welcome and excited about their experience.

Between our Seattle, Portland, Denver, and Whistler retail stores, our headquarters in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, and our distribution center in Sumner, Washington, evo is the home of 400+ dedicated team members. Founded in 2001 in CEO Bryce Phillips’ Seattle apartment, after lots of coffee, countless late nights, 100's of powder days, and early morning sessions on the lake, we are still focused on being a great retailer, travel business, and an asset to the community.

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Travel With Us - evoTrip Adventure Vacations

About evoTrip

evoTrip extends our core value of “Invitation,” bringing together like-minded travelers to exciting outdoor destinations. For years we’ve explored Japanese powder, Chilean peaks, and many other breathtaking destinations. Not only do we help bring people together and take care of the logistics for you, but we bring a little evo style to the party. Join us as we travel the globe skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and more!

Why Travel with us?

Planning a skiing, snowboarding, or mountain biking trip halfway around the world can be a complicated task, let alone navigating once you arrive. Book your outdoor adventure with us, and we’ll use our years of experience and chosen local partners to remove all of the headaches. Our trips are not planned to the minute, however, meaning that you will still have the autonomy to make the adventure your own. Choose your destination and learn more about these awesome adventure travel packages.

Stay With Us - Lodging

Enjoy a truly immersive evo experience. We offer unique lodging centered on sport, culture, the outdoors, and human connection.


evo Expertise - Your Resource for Gear Knowledge

Getting started in any sport or activity can be a daunting task, and even experts may need a hand from time to time, plus outdoor gear can be complicated. We want to enable our customers and communities to find the best gear for them - gear that will make them fall in love with these activities the same way that we have. This is why we’ve created one of the most robust sources for gear information and guides on the internet, with gear guides, travel & destination guides, top gear picks & reviews, and technique & “how-to” guides. All of this is backed up by real people on the ground in our stores and on our customer care team. Our experts can help you choose your first pair of skis, help you decide between 27.5” or 29” mountain bike wheels, and everything in between. We ride what we sell, and we love to share our knowledge & expertise.

Learn About Us: evo's Core Values

The Great 8: evo's Core Values

  1. EVOLUCION: There is a restlessness at the heart of evo. A belief that we can build a better way to do business—and then a better one after that. We take smart risks. We embrace the failures that lead to a better way. We are relentless in our intent to improve as individuals, and as the company we are building together.
  2. COMUNICACION: Communication is how we build strong, trusting relationships with each other, and with our partners, customers and communities. Respectful, transparent communication is not an option at evo—it is an obligation.
  3. RESPECT: Every member of the extended evo community—customers, partners, vendors, fellow employees—should feel respected, heard and valued. Every evo interaction should communicate respect for individuals, industries and the communities we live and play in.
  4. CREDIBILITY: Credibility comes from our passion for what we do, our service and expertise, and our welcoming, authentic approach to customers of all styles, abilities and interests.
  5. INVITATION: We create community-focused, customer experiences that are inviting and accessible. We open the doors to all people. And we share our passions and knowledge with humility and a genuine desire to help.
  6. BALANCED AMBITION: We are committed to balance—as a company, and as individuals. We balance our desire to be a growing, profitable business with the needs of our communities and a commitment to give back. We balance professional ambitions with our lives outside evo.
  7. LEADERSHIP: We are always seeking a better way of doing things and to lead the way. We lead by example, are not afraid to take risks and learn from our failures. We strive to be leaders as individuals and as a company to ultimately change things for the better.
  8. evoSTYLE: Style is our “special sauce” — that something extra we bring to every part of the business: from customer service, store design and product selection… to the way we treat our vendors… to our approach to giving back. evo Style is warm, thoughtful, engaging and delightfully unexpected.

Give With Us - Cause and Community


We believe all young people deserve the opportunity to discover their passions and achieve their full potential. We invest in programs and partnerships that help kids build positive skills and mindsets in the communities where we live, work and play. 

How We Give:

Each year we select a handful of organizations that are reducing barriers for young people to achieve their potential and make an investment of our dollars, time and connections to make a deeper impact. Organizations are invited to submit proposals and a committee of evo employees selects three to four organizations to whom we will make a meaningful donation, commit to company-wide service opportunities, host an event and tell a great story. We are proud to partner with the following organizations this year, both for in-cart and in-store donation and wider programs:

Big City MountaineersChillSnowdays FoundationSOS OutreachStoked Mentoringthe Service Board

For more information on our Cause and Giving Back programs, please visit us here.

Work With Us - evoCrew & Collective

From employees to athletes, influencers and artists, explore more or join the team.