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Ski Bags

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About Ski Bags at evo

Skiing involves a lot of gear, keeping it all organized and getting it to the mountain can be a big task. That’s where ski bags come in. From roller bags to take your skis on the plane to your next ski destination, to boot bags, to backcountry backpacks, we carry a wide variety of different ski bags for your next ski adventure.

Ski travel bags protect your precious skis from careless baggage handlers, and make it easier to carry your skis around in airports and train stations as you travel to the mountain. Just make sure it’s long enough to fit your longest pair of skis. Ski bags with wheels are the most convenient for airline travel, helping you navigate tricky airports and transit without feeling like your arm is going to fall off.

Ski boot bags, meanwhile, help keep your boots warm, and give you a secure place to store goggles, gloves, and other accessories. Some ski boot bags even feature electric heating systems to make sure your boots are toasty when you take them out.

Ski backpacks allow you to carry your gear and food with you both in and out of bounds. Think about how much you usually carry while skiing and look for an appropriately sized pack.

We are a full online ski shop with everything from complete ski and binding setups to outerwear and accessories - shop all things skiing at evo. Have any questions? Reach out to our team of customer care experts.
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