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Mountain Bike Wheels - 26, 27.5 & 29" Wheels

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About Bike Wheels at evo:

It goes without saying, but we’ll take the chance to say it anyways, wheels are an important part of your bike. The obvious aside, there is more to a bike wheel than meets the eye. Wheels are made up of several parts, the rim, the spokes, and the hub. Each of these pieces of the wheel can be swapped out or customized to dial in your bike to your exact specifications. Likewise, wheels are one of the best places to save weight on your bike, and the weight of your bike wheels is the most important type of weight - rotational weight. This means that there is less weight to spin around, giving a noticeable upgrade to acceleration and less overall fatigue as you ride.

Bike wheels come in several different sizes, ranging from big 29er and 27.5” mountain bike wheels and rims to classic 26” wheels and even smaller kids and BMX sizes. Most bike frames are built for only one wheel size. This is an important factor to consider when choosing a bike, especially a mountain bike. Check out our guide to bike wheel sizes to get a better comparison.
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