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Snowboard Bindings

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About Snowboard Bindings at evo:

Snowboard bindings can have just as big of an effect on the quality of your ride as your snowboard and snowboard boots. Snowboard bindings are obviously the interface between your boots and board, but they also help to dictate the responsiveness of your setup as well as the comfort and vibration dampening that you do or don’t feel.

What’s the difference between different types of snowboard bindings? One of the major specs to consider is stiffness. Softer snowboard bindings offer a more forgiving and surfy feel, while stiffer snowboard bindings will reward you with greater precision and power. Beginners often favor a softer snowboard binding due to the added level of forgiveness.

The next feature to consider is the mounting pattern. You need to make sure that your snowboard bindings are compatible with the mounting hardware on your snowboard. Check out our guide to choosing the right snowboard bindings to help answer any compatibility questions.

The final factor in choosing the right snowboard binding is the features, such as their strap and highback styles. These details are somewhat of personal preference, with riders forming their own opinions as they try out different types (e.g. Rear-Entry vs. Strap) and brands of snowboard bindings.

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