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Bike Seatposts & Dropper Seat Posts

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About Seatposts & Dropper Posts at evo:

Dropper posts are one of the best mountain bike upgrades you can make, no matter what bike you have. These seatposts allow you to adjust the height of your saddle on the fly, no quick releases, no bolts, just flick the lever on your handlebars. This allows you to go from climbing to descending with ease. Not sure how dropper seatposts work? Or why you might need one? Or how to choose? Check out our guide to dropper posts.

Traditional seatposts have plenty of varieties, too. The main difference with these posts is the material they’re made of. Aluminum is the tried and true, with carbon fiber seatposts providing a lighter but more expensive alternative. evo stocks seatpost collars and other accessories, too.

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