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Evo Strength is newly established, innovative fitness product brand based in Canada. Evo Strength’s purpose is to provide innovative and efficient fitness solutions for millions of fitness enthusiasts whose goals were impacted by the pandemic. We are helping you gain access to the most efficient ways of training. At Evo Strength, we don’t offer shortcuts to success, but we provide more compatible, more accessible, and more personalized solutions for you to achieve your goals.

Ziren (Eric) Di - Founder of Evo Strength

Our Vision

  • Always Think About the Future

    Innovation: We aren’t here to invent new features or traits; we are here to innovate the characteristics we already possess, by improving and upgrading them to a higher level. Our vision is to create a global community. A community where we don’t have to compare to others or become another human being to be successful, but simply to become the better version of yourself than yesterday. That is more than enough to prove that you are successful.  

    Efficiency: To maximize the value of your time, money and energy will leave you more time, money, energy, and freedom to explore the other aspect of your life. Our vision believes that working hard is essential to success, but working smart carries you above and beyond success. 

    Evolutionary: The world is evolving for the better, and so are you. We believe that our vision will not only positively influence your physical health and appearances, but your mental well-beings and lifestyle. Evolutionary changes may occur on a daily basis, that’s what we want you to experience.

  • How It All Started

    It all started in 2016, when a college student moved into a 450sqft apartment unit in downtown Toronto. Eric was 18 years old majoring in Kinesiology at the University of Toronto who only started to lift weights or 2 years. Soon enough, he has found his passion in the fitness industry and began to work as a personal trainer. However, due to the conflicting schedules between school and work, Eric couldn’t commit to train at public gyms daily. Eric started to use couches, chairs, rice bags, and other home accessories to make up the weights for his exercises but realized that isn’t a sustainable solution.

    In the following year of early 2020, COVID-19 hit the entire world. During this time, Eric felt devastated due to the lack of resources of his training equipment, which would set his physique back for several months. In order to be persistent with his goals, Eric started to discover ideas that would help himself and others who struggle with the same problems to overcome this issue. Eric knew that if there is something that can replace multiple exercises, and saves plenty of spaces, increase efficiency, that would be the key to solve his problems. 

    As a result, Eric wants to create a platform where he can share his fitness knowledge and help hundreds of thousands of people like you to sustain your fitness goals.