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EVO strength

EVO Strength’s mission is to provide fitness enthusiasts with space, time, and money efficient solutions, so they can get more out of every workout. Our state-of-the-art fitness equipment is compact and enables our clients to build a complete home gym in any space. 

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“My vision is to create a global community. A community where we don’t have to compare ourselves to others to acknowledge our successes. I built Evo Strength to help people get more out of what they are already putting into their day-to-day. If you are focused on becoming a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday…. that’s more than enough.

- Eric Di

Our Vision

Our vision


Drive Innovation

We aren’t here to reinvent the wheel. EVO Strength is focused on putting modern workout equipment in the hands of busy people so they can increase their workout efficiency.

We know that your schedule is jam packed and we never want to see it affect your commitment to health and fitness. That's precisely why we are making it easier for fitness enthusiasts around the world to do more with less space and time.


How it all started

how it all started



In 2016, EVO Strength’s founder Eric Di was as an 18 year old Kinesiology student at the University of Toronto, residing in a small apartment in the heart of the city. Having discovered a passion for weightlifting in high school, he decided he wanted to leave his mark on the fitness industry.

He started working as a personal trainer but struggled to find balance between work, school, and his own training schedule. To maximize efficiency and limit commuting time between workouts on busier days, he started using every day household items like couches, chairs and rice bags to get his workouts in at home.


In 2020, the COVID19 pandemic hit and gyms closed indefinitely. Eric recognized more than ever that he needed to find a long term fitness solution or risk loosing all of the progress he had made during his fitness journey to date.

He also identified that he wasn’t the only one facing this problem: Thousands of other gym goers no longer had a place to train. EVO Strength was born from this vision and continues to evolve to help fitness enthusiasts around the world train smarter.