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EVO Strength

EVO strength

The average gym goer lives approximately 6km away from their gym and spends 40 minutes per day travelling to and from their workouts. Assuming a 5 day workout schedule, this equates to just over 170 hours per year. 

At EVO Strength we are committed to challenging traditional workout models and championing the next evolution in fitness equipment. We believe that any space, regardless of square footage, can become a quality workout space with the right technology. 

Our Technology

Our Technology


Efficiency: The next evolution in fitness

Wasting time between sets to change weight is so 2020. Our adjustable dumbbells allow you to change your weight in seconds. All of our equipment is thoughtfully designed to help you get more out of every workout.


Small Footprint. Big Results.

Being in a bachelor or one bedroom apartment is no longer a barrier to having a home gym setup. Our dumbbell set fits the equivalent of a full rack of dumbbells into 2 square feet. Eliminate obstacles by always having a complete workout at arms reach.


One Investment. Unlimited Possibilities.

Spending thousands of dollars on a complete home gym setup is no longer necessary. Train smarter, invest in the right equipment, and hit every muscle group from the comfort of your home.

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