• Increase workout efficiency by adjusting the weights within seconds.

    Easy accessibility to a range of weights during your workout. Extremly convenient working out in your apartment or basement, saves plenty of room and space for a traditional rack of dumbbells from 5-50lbs.

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  • Personalize your weight from 5lbs to 52.5lbs at your finger tips.

    Very easy to use. Does not rust easily as traditional dumbbells. Easy to move around (ie, if you decide to bring your weights to a park, simply grab a pair of dumbbells into your car, instead of renting a mini-van and carrying the whole rack)

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  • How it works!

    Step1: adjust to your desired weight on both sides by rotating the dialo.

    Step2: Grab the handle at the centre firmly and pull out the dumbbells straight

    Step3: Gently put the dumbbells back and rotate the dials on both sides to adjust into a new desired weight

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As this pandemic continues, more restrictions are being implemented indefinitely, but our fitness progress and health cannot wait indefinitely. Therefore, we are here to promote the new era of fitness, by implementing a futuristic mindset of fitness trainings through utilizing innovative gym equipment.

  • Personalize your weight

    Select your desired weight from 5lbs to 52.5lbs (2.5kg to 24kg) at your fingertips

  • Easier to move around

    Saves more than 12 cubic feet (0.35 cubic meters) of space from a traditional 5-50lbs 3-tier dumbbell rack

  • Does not rust easily

    SAFETY! These dumbbells are coded with special material to protect the metal. They would not fallout of the rack and cause accidental injuries

  • Very easy to use

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We get it, it's an expensive investment. But how much do you value your health ? How much do you value your time? Listen to what our loyal customers have to say about their experiences with us, and how it has impacted their personal lifestyle positively.

Main Exercises

Ab crunches

Purpose: To increase upper abdominal strengths and enhance overall core strengths


Purpose: To increase quadriceps, gluteus maximus and core strength by performing unilateral movements 

Floor/ Bench press:

Purpose: To increase chest strength and size while practicing stability control on the shoulders

Complimentary 30-minute workout plan

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This dumbbell, has changed my life. I have been wanting to go to the gym to work on my upper body strength, but due to covid I was unable to go. So I then started to workout at home. But I needed something to help build my strength. So I bought this weight. And since I purchased this, I didn’t have to buy any other products cause it’s an all in one weight.

These dumbbells are perfect for someone who has limited space. They feel very sturdy and safe. These have been a lifesaver for me especially during the quarantine!

The best piece of home gym equipment to invest in!These weights helped me save space and money, look nice in my living room, andare so useful for all types of strength workouts. I love being able to switch from lighter to heavier weights in between circuits, and be able to work my way up the dial overall as I gain strength.

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