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2024 Skis & Ski Boots

By: evo |  Last Updated: August 29th, 2023

Atmospheric rivers have you in a tizzy? Never fear, our 2024 Ski Gear Preview is here!  And just like multiple feet of water-logged snow, next year’s gear is anything but boring. Eco-friendly materials, bold graphics, and even more touring options are hitting the market with fresh enthusiasm.

Brands continue to lean into eco-friendly constructions, with more products featuring recycled and sustainably sourced materials from the base to the core. (We're waiting patiently for the day when they stop wrapping skis in plastic all together.) BOA makes its transition from the snowboarding world with the introduction of BOA alpine ski boots. No more over-tightening those pesky toe buckles! For all you uphill fiends out there, the touring market just keeps growing. We’ve noticed a trend in new ultralight “freeride” bindings that pair minimalist tech fittings with durable materials and mechanisms for ease of use.

We’ve had the pleasure to get out on many of these products and can’t wait to share our thoughts. Make sure to check out our Field Tested Reviews if you’re hungry for more!

2024 Armada Skis

2024 Armada Skis

With the successful launch of the touring focused Locator series last season, Armada are going back to basics and revamping some longtime fan favorites. Yep, get your hard hat on because the iconic ARV and ARW series have gone under the needle, which is fitting since it’s been 20 years since the AR5 changed the freestyle game forever. This time Armada turned to a stacked team of athletes, engineers, coaches and skiers to see how they could possibly push the limits of ski construction without stripping the beloved qualities of the all-mountain freestyle ARV/ARW Series. 

Utilizing a completely new 3D molded, injected sidewall dubbed w3Dgewall, the new ARV and ARW Series are still the liveliest members of the family, but now they’re tougher than ever before while weighing less and performing their best. When you think they’ve done it all on the technical sides of skiing, w3Dgewall proves you wrong. The 3D molded, injected sidewall is angled where it joins the wood core, creating a mechanical bond in the mold during ski construction. This produces a stronger, more seamless connection between the sidewall and core. Plus, by adding more material in critical areas to improve longevity and durability, as well as a 3D taper in tip and tail, the w3Dgewall leads to the creation of a ski that can take a beating time and time again just to consistently bounce back with energy. Armada's ARV and ARW feature the same constructions until you get to the freestyle models. The ARW 106 UL and ARW VJJ 116 UL feature the same Caruba core as the rest of the lineup, while the ARV 106 and ARV 116 JJ have a slightly heavier Poplar / Ash core.  Luckily these models go down to a 164 / 165 respectively, so while not totally unisex they do offer some flexibility for taller women riders who prefer slightly heavier soft-snow sticks.

As a cherry on top, artists David Alabo and Keeley Sheppard have brought a futuristic dreamland within your line of sight by designing some of the most fantastical and glamorous topsheets we have ever seen. Sure, it’s not about what they look like, it’s about how they ride, but, sheesh, these skis are dazzling. 

This year is all about shining a light on the genre-defining ARV / ARW Series, but all your other favorite collections are still crushing it. Check out the new goods and say hi to some old favorites. 2024 just got inspiring.

2024 Atomic Skis, Boots & Bindings


Atomic have completely overhauled their all mountain freeride line in recent years, so it’s no surprise to see things go quiet on the ski front in 23/24. The Bent Family continues to reign supreme, dropping in with Chris Benchetler’s distinctive hand painted topsheet art. Maverick and Maven return unchanged except for graphics, while the Backland line gets a new, sustainable construction that reduces waste and emissions by 30%. Nice!


The most exciting updates for Atomic are on the boot side, starting with Hawx Ultra XTD. These boots helped propel the hybrid boot revolution to new heights, and are prized by freeriders seeking one boot to handle the full range of skiing, both in and out of bounds. The Hawx Ultra XTDs have undergone a full makeover, with all new True-flex PU shells designed to improve downhill performance and durability. They’re a little heavier than the previous generation - weighing in around 1800g in a 26.5 - but they still tour extremely well thanks to an overhauled Free Lock 4.5 walk mode and modified liners that improve walkability. If you’re touring infrequently, or using the Hawx Ultra XTD primarily as a lightweight boot for resort skiing, you can fit the ‘Gnar Bar’, a metal attachment that that connects the upper and lower shell, converting it into a fixed cuff boot for maximum downhill performance.

On top of all these updates, skiers will also have the option of trying out BOA closure technology on certain boot models — namely the women's Hawx XTD 95 BOA, Hawx Ultra XTD 110 BOA, and Hawx Ultra XTD 130 BOA. These BOA models will be offered alongside traditional buckle options at the same flex, allowing you to feel the difference when trying on. The BOA units on these boots are built burly for maximum durability, and after some fairly unscientific carpet tests we’re happy to report that the fit is comfortable and precise, with improved shell wrapping around the foot. The XTD 130 and 110 go down to a 24.5 size while the 115 and 95W go to a 22.5. Make sure to try these on with your local bootfitter!

For backcountry skiers after a pure touring boot, don’t worry, Atomic hasn’t forgotten you. Their new Backland XTD boots have been fully updated with new hybrid overlap shells that combine the best aspects of full overlap & open throat construction. The new boots offer a massive 74° range of motion and weigh around 1300 - 1500g depending on model, with carbon and non carbon versions available. 

2024 Black Crows Skis

Kaw! Black Crows treats us yet again this upcoming season: a new take on their signature geometric graphics spawns endless color options and some playful sidewall slander. And did we mention they have a few new skis too? The Black Crows Nocta keeps its name but debuts with an all new cambered, asymmetrical construction. At 122 mm underfoot, this fatty ski is serious pow shredding business. While the waist width remains unchanged, the shovel tips and tails gain a few mm in all sizes, and its new medium flex double rocker camber profile provides maneuverable stability that shines in pow and beyond. Find it in sizes ranging from 117 - 191 cm.

The Solis, Black Crow’s dedicated steep ski gets a slight profile update with a little added camber underfoot to add even more stability on, wait for it, steep snow. It is only available in a 174 cm and 180 cm.

On the uphill side of things, the men's Draco Freebird promises not to report to the Dark Lord. Unless of course the Dark Lord is the north face in some safe and shreddy snow. The Draco is the only twin tip in BC’s touring lineup, and features a hearty 110 mm waist for that sweet sweet backcountry fresh. A classic rocker-camber-rocker profile and stiff flex for skin track stability still leaves room for plenty of freestyle butters once you top out. For taller skiers who don’t want to trade weight for playfulness, the Draco Freebird brings no stress skiing to the backcountry. Find it in sizes 176 - 189 cm.

2024 Blizzard Skis

2024 Blizzard Skis

Blizzard launch into the 2023/2024 season with a full refresh of their men’s and women’s freeride collection. Rustler and Sheeva skis all receive a brand new construction called Fluxform, which is specially designed to overcome perceived shortcomings of the previous generation’s D.R.T. construction. Fluxform pushes the Titanal layer out to the edges, tapering towards the tip for easy float and turn initiation while maintaining consistent support and power at the tail. Look out for a smoother transition from camber to rocker, and an updated sidecut profile tuned for maximum versatility. 

We had the opportunity to test the new skis on a bluebird day in Colorado, and came away impressed at the combination of speed, power, and agility. If you’re looking for a ski that feels every bit as planted as a Bonafide or Black Pearl but with a significantly more nimble and playful personality, the Rustlers / Sheevas should be perfect.

Among a sea of smaller changes, we’re stoked to see smaller breaks between sizes - 6 cm instead of 8 cm - and longer options for women, with the Sheeva line now available in a 180 cm.

Elsewhere, Blizzard update their frontside carving collection with new Trueblend Race Cores and an Active Carbon Armor laminate featuring recycled materials. Groomer zoomers rejoice!

2024 Coalition Snow Skis

Coalition has some hot new graphics you'll just have to see to believe. The outdoor industry is trending bright, and we love to see the bold color choices this women-owned brand has in store. Another year, another snowfall of working towards something like a gender inclusive outdoor community.

The humans behind Coalition are why we love them. Their fervent support of underrepresented identities and communities and commitment to being yourself outside are just some of the things that makes this rad company worthy of your clicks. 

With a variety of skis to suit your snow and ability level, the classics are back and looking better than ever.

2024 Dalbello Ski Boots

Perhaps the biggest news out of Dalbello’s 2023/2024 lineup is the official retirement of their long standing Krypton/Chakra series, which is being replaced by their new Cabrio LV family. Although still built upon the same beloved 3-piece shell design, the Cabrio LV ski boots pick up where the Krypton and Chakra boots left off by catering to hard charging freeride skiers. Each boot in the Cabrio LV line comes with wrap-style liners and is headed up by the high-performance Cabrio LV 130, which has a 99mm last (vs the previously 98mm width) and is made from a new, fully recycled polyurethane shell material.

Another retirement story is announced for the more downhill-focused free touring Lupo boot series, which is being replaced by the new Cabrio LV Free line. Although they have a very similar form factor to the inbound-specific Cabrios, the Frees boast heel/toe tech inserts and a new ski-walk mechanism as well as a fixed, bi-injected tongue. The pinnacle Cabrio LV Free 130 Lite weighs 1780 grams thanks to its grilamid shell material, polyamide composite carbon cuff, and Pebax tongue. The Cabrio LV Free lineup also includes the new: Cabrio LV Free 130 3D Wrap Ski Boots, Cabrio LV Free 120 Ski Boots, and Cabrio LV Free 105 W Ski Boots.

Other key callouts for Dalbello’s new 2023/24 season include a company wide adoption of 99mm lasting for all their boots that were previously a 98mm last. Also noteworthy is the new Quantum Free alpine touring boot series for the burgeoning “free tour” crowd — consisting of the Quantum Free Pro (130 Flex - 1300 grams), Quantum Free (110 Flex - 1270 grams), and Quantum Free W (105 Flex - 1200 grams). Additionally, Dalbello is rolling out a revamped Il Moro collection for the freestyle crowd — including the signature Il Moro Pro GW Ski Boots. An overhauled Panterra women’s line and two new youth touring options — the lightweight, tech-insert equipped Quantum Junior Alpine Touring Boots and more entry-level J-Tour Boots round out the additions. Oh, and the Veloce Series gets new flexes as well, with a 110, 100, and 95 W being added.

2024 DPS Skis & Backcountry Gear

2024 DPS Skis

It’s a big year for DPS - most of their lineup gets an overhaul, whether that’s in name or function. 

The Resort Powder, or RP designation is getting replaced with the simpler, “Rocker,” namesake. Rocker profiles are focused on being nimble, forgiving, and floaty. Chassis 2, or C2 is replaced with “Directional,” profiling, which is stable, powerful, fast, and versatile. At the pinnacle of this line is the Unisex Kaizen series, specifically the Kaizen 105. Kaizen skis build on the work done by the Pagoda, offering a stable yet energetic ride supported by “Splitwood,” ash and poplar core, with added carbon laminates. The Kaizen 100 and 112 feature the rocker profile, with the 112 honing in on powder riding that excels on the runout, and the 100 acting as an all-around that can handle soft snow too. Their sizes range from 153 - 189 in the 100, and 155 - 189 in the 105 and 112.

Updated Koala skis feature freestyle shaping and are athlete oriented. They have a new wood core and shaping. This line is designed to ski hard, fast, and deep. The Koala 111 is the highlight, showcasing what DPS calls the “Waist width sweet spot,” and falls in an increasingly popular category of powder skis that double as everyday rippers. The 118 ranges in size from a 176 to 189 cm while the 103 and 111 are slightly more accesible to shorter riders with a 168 to 189 cm range. Lotus, DPS’s dedicated powder sticks, also gets some profile updates. The Lotus 124 has a tapered tip and low rocker, perfect for heli days and special deep adventures. Sizes range from 178 to 191 cm. The 117 version gets an update too, and is suitable for everything from Wasatch tours to resort pow days with a range of sizes from 171 to 191.

2024 Dynafit Skis, Boots, and Bindings

The 2023/2024 season sees Dynafit refresh their freeride touring lineup. The Hoji Free boots leave the collection, replaced by the all new Tigard 130 and Tigard 110. The new boots feature a traditional overlap design rather than the open throat construction Dynafit are typically known for, offering more power and precision for aggressive freeriding. GripWalk soles mean you’ll be able to use them in compatible alpine bindings, and the awesome Hoji Lock walk mode is retained, allowing you to transition into walk mode with one flip of a lever rather than fiddling with cuff buckles. Both boots weigh in around 1550g in a 26.5, putting them firmly in lightweight hybrid territory. The combination of full overlap design, GripWalk compatibility, and Hoji Lock convenience marks the Tigard out as a great option for skiers hitting both the backcountry and the resort. Dynafit will also being offering Extra Wide versions of the TLT X boots. With a last of 107mm at the widest point, these could present a much needed lifeline for those with wider or higher volume feet.

On the ski side, look out for the new Dynafit Radical and Tigard skis. The Radical 97 and Radical 97 W offer a great balance of uphill and downhill capability, weighing in at 1450g in the 170cm length. The Radical 107 looks like a great choice for descent-oriented ski touring, coming in at 1700g in the 181cm length. The new Tigard 114 is the widest ski in the Dynafit collection, an awesome tool for those earning deep turns. At 1870g in the 180cm length, this is Dynafit’s heaviest ski, but still a fine choice for maximizing your fun when the snow is at its best.  
  • New Tigard 130 & Tigard 110 Boots
  • New TLT X Extra Wide Boots
  • New Radical 97, 97 W, & 107 Skis
  • New Tigard 114 Skis

2024 Dynastar Skis

Dynastar returns with a largely unchanged lineup for the 2023/2024 winter season, that is with the exception of their new M-Cross and women's E-Cross series. Both the M-Cross skis and E-Cross skis are positioned as their all-mountain carving skis — bridging the gap between their 4x4 dedicated on-piste trenchers and their more versatile all-mountain M-Pros. Geared towards intermediate skiers who want reliable edgehold without the high demand of traditional race skis, the M-Cross line (which includes a 78mm waist, 82mm waist, and 88mm waist option) looks promising for frontside-oriented resort skiers.

On the touring side, Dynastar is also building out their M-Tour lineup with a new M-Tour 108 joining the likes of the M-Tour 90 and M-Tour 99.

Unchanged for this season are the popular freeride-oriented M-Free series as well as the more directional all-mountain freeride M-Pro skis.

  • New M-Cross and E-Cross Front Side Line
  • New M-Tour 108

2024 Elan Skis

Elan’s big move this season is the debut of their all mountain freestyle skis, the unisex Playmaker 91 and 101. These twin-tip sticks feature surf rocker, a tubelite woodcore, and carbon rods for stability, and come in a variety of sizes from 168 to 188 in the Playmaker 101, and 156 to 188 cm in the Playmaker 91. After testing by male and female identified riders, we can confirm they rip almost as hard as their Ripstick siblings, with a slightly softer flex and more playability when you want to hit the park. Otherwise, there’s a few updates to their on-piste lines and an added Ripstick Tour 88 for the speedy uphiller’s out there. Oh, and a Ripstick Tour 80 T for the up and coming grom. Elan is growing fast in the North American market. We look forward to seeing how they adapt to our varied snow conditions and ambitious attitudes.

2024 Faction Skis

2024 Faction Skis

Faction have fleshed out their line significantly over the last few years, and things are looking good in 2023/2024.

The Dancer Series debuted in 2023, dancing the fine line between pure downhill power and lightweight, nimble handling for variable terrain. Faction walks the line masterfully. These flat-tail all-mountain skis are dependably stable at the fastest speeds yet lightweight for the category, with engineering elements that emphasize intuitive maneuverability. The narrower Dancer 1, 1X, 2 and 2X are ideal for frontside skiing, and the wider Dancer 3, 3X and 4 are ideal for big-mountain riders who seek out the steep and deep. "X" models are technically for women, but the only difference is their extended size range and color. Construction remains the same.

The Mana Series also joined the collection in 2023 as a premium twin-tip collection for discerning riders who want the power of an all-mountain flat-tail ski in twin-tip form. Built on the chassis of the now retired Candide Thovex Signature Series - these things have freeride DNA flowing through their veins. Playful, and poppy, the Manas offer a floaty, surfy ride in softer snow while eliminating chatter at high speeds. Their sizes range from 166 - 188cm in the 2, 172 - 190cm in the 3, and 177 - 190cm in the 4.

The Agent Series is a free-touring family that is light *enough* for the uphill, but engineered for a bomber downhill experience. The physical contours of the Agent skis mirror that of the Dancer Series, model for model, so you get the same intuitive handling and effortless maneuverability, but with a lighter core. These can easily serve as a lightweight resort setup, or as a do-it-all rig mounted with a hybrid touring binding. If you need any incentive, the Agent 3 took the #1 spot in Freeskier Magazine's all-mountain freeride category two years in a row! "X," again features an extended size range and different colors marketed towards women but the construction remains the same.

The Prodigy Series has grown to become the brand's best-selling ski series for a reason: the skis are just plain fun. Lively poplar wood cores and full camber allow for rip-roaring skiing on the piste, and the complementary tip & tail rocker and playful tips keep things loose enough to play. It's a ski family that suits absolutely every skier type, from intermediates looking to progress, all the way up to Faction's Olympic athletes. True to the Prodigy Series' flavor, the all-new 23/24 topsheets celebrate music and style, featuring an assortment of retro boomboxes, vintage radios, microphones, turntables, headphones, speakers and the like. The 0, 1, and 2, feature a fully unisex size range, and the "X" lineup again features the same layups as their counterparts.

La Machine Series is a true-touring collection - Faction's lightest ski series. With extended rocker and taper, these skis are designed to float like a boat above all types of snow. For those who fancy longer tours, bell-to-bell days filled with backcountry laps, or multi-day treks, La Machine allows for maximum efficiency in travel as well as smile-inducing skiing when it comes time to point the tips downhill - thanks to full carbon layers that bolster the paulownia wood core. The narrower 1 Micro and 2 Mini will serve the needs of those seeking the lightest setup possible, without sacrificing downhill performance. The 3 Mega, all-new 4 Massive and the 126mm 5 Max are the match made in heaven for those seeking out softer snow. And the 3 Mega now features a 165cm size, getting closer to a full range that all riders can appreciate.


2024 Fischer Skis & Boots

Jump on the Boa train with Fischer's new line of boots. The new H1 BOA® H+i1 system is featured on the RC4 Pro MV, RC4 130 MV, RC4 120 MV, and RC4 105 MV models. Boa is the tech to watch this season. It distributes pressure more evenly over the top of your foot, making it a great choice for those who get pressure on their instep or are prone to leaving their lower buckles undone on the hill. According to Fischer, RC4 boots are designed to make race technology accessible for all skiers. That means shells and liners with a super customizable, performance oriented fit. Some models feature a ZipFit®Liner, Carbon, and every one is heat moldable to the shape of your foot.

Fischer also debuts its downhill-oriented touring lineup, the Transalp Tour series. Constructed with shaped Ti and a superlight Paulownia core, these puppies focus on skiing while still providing a smooth ride uphill. Sizes range from the race oriented Transalp RC (65mm underfoot) to the Transalp CTI 105 for all mountain softer snow touring. This line features almost completely unisex sizing, with the exception of the 86 mm model which has a womens version (color difference only, the "mens" version still goes down to a 155 mm length making it practically unisex), and the 92 and 105 which go down to 162mm and 164mm lengths respectively. 

2024 Head Skis & Boots

Head have long excelled in the race and freeride worlds, but the 2023/2024 season finds them embracing the more playful side of their personality by expanding their all mountain freestyle line. The new Oblivion 116 and Oblivion 102 skis have been developed in collaboration with team rider Cole Richardson, with the 116 marked out as his signature ride. The new skis pair poplar wood with recycled PET bottle stringers for a lightweight and environmentally low impact core construction, and the geometry is all about creativity. Expect to see these all mountain freestyle rippers popping, slashing, and buttering their way down a mountain near you! Pick up the 116 for primo powder performance, or the 102 if you’re in and out of the park on firmer snow. These are marketed as men's skis, the 102 has a size range of 173 to 189 while the 116 only comes in a 181 and 189. However if you're looking to rip groomers, the Oblivion 79 ranges from a 156 to 181 and the 94 ranges from 163 to 184. We hope the debut of Head's freeride skis is successful enough to expand! And for groms with big ambitions, the Oblivion Jr Pro offers a pint-sized version with a 100mm waist width.
  • New Oblivion 116, Oblivion 102, & Oblivion Jr Pro Skis

2024 K2 Skis & Boots

2024 K2 BOA Ski Boots


K2 doubled down on their flagship Mindbender skis for 23/24 - no surprise for a collection that brought near universal acclaim and restored K2’s reputation for all-mountain prowess. The more Mindbender the better as far as we’re concerned!

After last season’s refinement of Mindbender Ti’s signature Titanal Y Beam, this season brings a new construction in the form of Mindbender C. While non-Titanal Mindbenders have been available from the beginning in the women’s line, the new skis boast a brand new Carbon / Flax layup in both men’s and women’s versions, with widths ranging from 90mm - 116mm underfoot. Flax is beloved by ski designers for its low weight and exceptional damping properties, so you can expect Mindbender C to feel light, capable, and smooth in variable conditions. The new line is engineered for resort based freeriding, with a nimble and energetic personality. 

Elsewhere, there’s a new fatty to replace the iconic Pon2oon. The aptly named Crescendo sports a monster 132mm waist, combining the easy-to-ski characteristics of Pon2oon with a higher top end. Save these for your next heli or cat trip! Dispatch skis roll over to the new season with an awesome graphic update, as do the freestyle focused Reckoners. 


K2’s boot game has stepped up significantly in recent years, and the 23/24 season sees another great leap forward in the form of BOA equipped alpine boots. The new BOA boots are found across K2’s Mindbender, Recon, and Anthem collections in medium to higher flex models, with newly designed molds to accommodate the new tech in the boot lower. Aside from the general ease and convenience of using BOA closure, you can expect these boots to fit better than ever. The new BOA design wraps the lower shell around the foot with even pressure distribution, reducing common fit issues over the instep. Nice!

K2’s BFC boots continue to fly the flag for wide feet with the new BFC 130. This is a genuine high-performance option for skiers with high volume feet, something that has been sorely lacking for many years. Elsewhere, look out for an improved locking walk mode on Mindbender boots, and check out the new cabrio design touring boot models - K2 FL3X Diverge and Diverge Pro W.


2024 Lange Ski Boots

After much focus on their freeride and touring boot lineup over the past few years, Lange turns their focus back to the resort with a major update to their core alpine boot collection. For the 2023/2024 season, the much loved RXs are replaced with a brand new series of all mountain boots: Shadow. The new boots will available in both medium volume (MV) and low volume (LV) versions with a full range of flex options for both men and women.

The new Shadow boots have reportedly been under development for years, and feature a brand new design that Lange are calling Dual-Pivot Technology. The idea is that by adding a second pivot below and slightly behind the main pivot point, the boot can deliver greater leverage and transmit more energy to the ski, while requiring less effort to flex. The result is better suspension and vibration damping, improved rebound, and a more consistent flex. While it’s tough to verify these claims without testing, Lange have been at the forefront of ski boot design for decades and we’re super excited to take this new design concept for a spin!

On top of the radical new shell design, Lange have put some of their finest minds to work developing new liners. Shadow liners feature minimal seams and all new Auxetic Technology that allows the liner material to conform better to the shape of your foot. You can expect the new Shadow boots to have a broadly similar fit to the outgoing RX boots, so there's no need to worry if you’re ready to upgrade after rocking those for a few years. As always, we recommend chatting to your local bootfitter to determine which boot is right for you! 

2024 Lib Tech Skis

Lib Tech keeps it simple this upcoming season, with fresh new graphics and an expanded size range on their Hemi 112 model. For Lib Tech, this update does not make their skis fully size-inclusive, but it does mean riders that prefer a 171 or 178 all-terrain pow ski can get in on the action. Everything else gets carried forward. 

Our local friends continue to manufacture eco-friendly sticks on the WA peninsula, proving that PNW'ers really do it best (kidding, Ski the East.). Regardless of where you shred, Lib Tech has something for every type of snow and style.

2024 Line Skis

Line knows a thing or two about all-mountain freestyle, so in 23/24 they’re going back to the drawing board and breathing new life into some old favorites. For the new season, the Line Bacon and Chronic are overhauled with fresh construction and shaping to win over a new generation of skiers.

The Bacon (that’s just Bacon - ‘Sir Francis’ has been cut from the name) comes in two widths - the Bacon 108 and the Bacon 115. Both feature Line’s Maple Macroblock core and Thin Tip technology. While the new skis ditch the convex tips and tails found in last year's collection, a modified, slightly narrower tip shape means there’s zero downgrade in deep snow maneuverability and performance. Gender inclusive sizing has been a huge theme lately, so we’re stoked to see the Bacon 108 available in sizes ranging from 166cm to 190cm, while the Bacon 115 will go from 168cm to 188cm. Crispy!

If your local hill sees more bluebird than pow days, the new Chronic might be more your style. These puppies also come in two widths tuned for all mountain freestyling on firmer snow - the Chronic 94 and Chronic 101. With a stiffer chassis than the previous gen, the new Chronics should prove more capable in chop and crud while maintaining freestyle excellence both in and out of the park.

Elsewhere, updates are mostly of the graphic flavor with the exception of Vision, which switches to vertical sidewalls for improved edging performance. As always with Line, it’s impossible to pick a winner, but we love the “Japanese Surf” aesthetic of the Sakana, the retro physics textbook vibe of the Tom Wallisch Pro, and the awesome Blend graphics by Malcolm Proctor, who also painted the wall of evo Seattle Rentals.

2024 Look Ski Bindings

Effortless style and timeless reliability. That is the way of Look bindings, and in the upcoming year nothing has changed. Bright new colorways debut in the Pivot and SPX series, including and evo exclusive version of the Pivot entitled, "Hot Laps." Enjoy new iterations from Henrik Harlow and a speckled neon Forza 3.0. Look has something for everyone and every ability.

2024 Marker Ski Bindings

What do you get when you cross a Kingpin and an Alpinist? The Cruise, A new touring binding from Marker. Just like the Alpinist, it features both a pin toe and heel. Unlike the Alpinist, it’s got reduced step in force and is easier to use for every-day freeride touring. Constructed with bio-based plastic, the Cruise is eco-friendly and strong as heck. Two heel risers, independently adjustable vertical and horizontal release, and fast switching of the 180 degree uphill heel rotator make it easy to transition and set the bindings to your need.

And if you want to get the kids into touring never fear, the F5 JR is a designated childs frame binding with a low din for some low-risk rippin. It can be hard to figure out when and if your child should venture beyond the ropes. This low-impact frame binding lets you dip a toe in the water without going full couloir. 


2024 Nordica Skis & Boots

For the 2023/2024 season, Nordica drop a new line of freeride touring boots, the Nordica Unlimited boots. The new boots replace the Strider line, slotting in with fairly similar capabilities at a lower weight. An all new walk mode mechanism promises an impressive 65 degree range of motion, with a lock-out feature for greater security while skiing. The boot cuff is constructed with materials of three different densities to maximize performance with the lowest possible weight, and the lower shell sports a streamlined wire closure system. Add in GripWalk compatibility, and these look like a genuine do-it-all option for those skiing both in and out of bounds. Find the mens' version in flexes 130, 120, and 130 LT, with both 130 options featuring a full size range for rippers of all gender. The women's lineup features a 115LT, 105, and 95 in sizes up to a 27.5.

On the ski side, look out for the new Unleashed 114 ICE skis and an expanded women's lineup that adds a 108 TREE. As the widest member of the Unleashed family, the 114 are playful freeride skis are ideal for soft snow and deep days. They’ll be available in lengths ranging from 174 - 191cm. The 108 TREE (woman's) comes in sizes from 162 - 180 cm and functions as a powerful all-mountain and powder ski that rips groomers just as well as it skis soft snow.

2024 RMU Skis

In an industry that can sometimes feel like a race to see who can get to the finish line with the lightest, most innovative technology, it’s refreshing to encounter a company that’s only competing in the race so long as they stick to their guns. Local to Breckenridge, Colorado, RMU has created quite a name for itself by constructing a solid foundation to build upon. By focusing on environmental stewardship (2025 carbon neutral goal), positive community impact, uncompromised quality, and being completely employee owned, this mountain culture company is working hard to bring you quality gear for the ski slopes and the bike trails. 

Fresh this year in the mix of RMU’s carefully crafted collection of wood, carbon, and metal skis, is the all mountain charger you have been waiting for. The Apostle 96 Pro has a poplar wood core and CNC’d Titanal stringers that are tapered to reduce weight while maintaining supreme dampness and optimal stiffness. It’s tailor made to charge and carve, yet still floats with precision thanks to the early rise in the tip. These skis will shine on hardpack, but have no problem coasting through some freshies when you happen up on ‘em. 

From the staple Valhalla series to the boundless big mountain players, to the sticks that have you yearning to earn your turns, RMU continues to make a worthy impression of craftsmanship that stands out. Now offering a 95% recycled line of equipment for mountain biking and skiing, the Summit County locals have refined some pretty neat gear for you to check out. 

2024 Rossignol Skis & Boots

2024 Rossignol Sender Free 110 Skis

Freeriders rejoice, Rossignol are back in the game with the all new Sender Free 110 Ti skis. Engineered with deep rocker lines at both tip and tail, the Sender Free 110s offer a surfier flavor than their Sender brethren for skiers with a penchant for drifting and slashing their way down the mountain. Add a lively poplar wood core and a do anything, go anywhere 110mm waist width, and you've got a freeride ripper for all occasions. Sizes range from 176 to 191.

The Escaper Nano also gets a freeride edition with a 105mm width added the collection, ranging in sizes from 170 to 187cm.

2024 Salomon Skis, Boots & Bindings


We’re deeming 2024 the year of the Cody for Salomon. This season, Salomon introduce the QST Echo, or as followers of The Fifty have affectionately been referring to it, “The Cody Ski.” The QST Echo is everything you love about the QST 106 in a lightweight, touring-specific construction. And yes, Cody Townsend helped bring it to life. Featuring a lively karuba and poplar wood core, cork damplifiers at the tip and tail and basalt fibers throughout, this backcountry focused ski delivers a super stable ride while cutting critical grams for the uphill. The QST Echo is 106mm underfoot, borrowing the versatile shape of the QST 106 and Stella 106. Ski it in a few inches of fresh or strap it to your bag and head up a spring bootpack. Even better, the QST Echo debuts with a fully fleshed out unisex size range that everyone can enjoy, available in sizes from 157cm to 189cm. 

The Salomon Stance, the QST’s stiffer, chargier cousin, also gets a construction update. The same Karuba and poplar wood core of the QST Echo is beefed up with a redesigned titanal frame and all mountain rocker profile. From the groomers to the glades, the Salomon Stance pushes through it all.


The new Salomon S/Pro SUPRA boot features a BOA on the lower cuff, replacing the front two buckles that many of us don’t even bother to ratchet down. It comes in higher performance traditional flex increments: 130, 120, and 110 on the men's side and 105 and 95 for women. We demoed the Salomon S/Pro 105 W on a cold day at Snowbasin. It charged like a proper aggressive women’s boot and the ease of using the BOA felt effortless, even with gloves and liners. 

The BOA on the SUPRA spreads out pressure across the top of the foot,  providing better wrapping over your instep to help eliminate common pressure points associated with buckles. In turn, you get a high performance response that’s easy to drive down the fall line. The boas are burlier than what you’d find on a snowboard boot or pair of biking shoes to help withstand the stress of skiing. The Salomon S/Pro SUPRA is marketed as an upgrade to your traditional four buckle boot in both performance and ease of use, with the added advantage of cutting a little weight. 


On the binding front, you can say hello to the new MTN Summit Binding. The MTN Summit is designed for everyday lightweight touring, and features a slightly burlier construction than its close sibling the MTN Pure. The toe piece of the Summit is rated for a release range and comes in 12 and 14 din options, unlike the Pure which features 3 set din modes. The heel ramp increases stability and edge grip, while Salomon’s Autoflex system moves the binding with your ski, creating dynamic response on the snow suited to freeriding pursuits. Available in leash or brake options, the Salomon MTN Summit Binding is great for freeride skiers ready to cut weight and stay charging. Pair them with the QST Echo and maybe someday you’ll live like Cody Townesend. 

The Strive Binding is now fully multi-norm (MN) compatible! Two versions of the 14 and 16 din binding will be available next year: Gripwalk and MNC. Choose the version that best suits your boot needs, their high performance and low profile reputation remains the same.

Otherwise, The QST line gets some psychedelic color updates as Salomon’s brand story evolves across their hardgoods line. You tell us: is the Shift 110 salmon or peach?

2024 Season Skis

2023 Season Skis

Season stick with the same five ski lineup for 2023/2024. Their simple, focused line includes five skis for all occasions - the all terrain Nexus, the swallowtail-shaped Forma, the slim, powerful Aero, the freestyle-friendly Kin, and the lightweight, backcountry-focused Pass. All skis come in full unisex size runs, which we can’t get enough of!

Season's commitment to timeless, long-lasting gear sees their signature black topsheets return across the product line. That means your Season skis will never look out of date or out of style because of an old topsheet. Not only that, evo has partnered with Season to offer a special lifetime service benefit, extending the life of your gear as long as possible. Learn more here.

If you haven't tried Season yet, now is the time!

2024 Tecnica Ski Boots

Tecnica ups the game when it comes to sustainability in 2024. Their new “Recycle Your Boots “program, takes old ski boots past their lifespan - any brand and any condition - and recycles the metal and plastic (polypropylene and thermoplastic polyurethane) into new boots, containers, and more. Plastic is notoriously difficult to recycle, so we love to see brands explore new and innovative ways to keep the materials movin’.

In addition to recycling, Tecnica is reducing PVCs and incorporating more recycled materials into their boots. New 2023/2024 Tecnica ski boots feature a PVC-free, recycled power strap. You can find additional recycled components in the buckles and soles of adult boots, as well as the shell of junior boots. All 2024 Tecnica ski boots now contain a QR code for recycling centers that specifies every material that went into it.

Tecnica’s 2023/2024 women and junior lines get a refresh and some new boots in the lineup. The new women’s MV115 and HV105 offer stiffer alpine options for women who want to charge harder inbounds but don’t quite fit pre-existing molds. Tecnica has long been champions of adaptive fit, and these additions show us they’re really paying attention to what the women need (and want). Juniors of every ability and style will vibe with a Tecnica boot as well, thanks to the intro of the Mach1 Team and JTR 4. The Cochise Jr, JT 4, and Firebird 64 also get an update. 

Finally, the beloved Cochise boots are a little more accessible with the introduction of the High Volume (HV) models. The 102mm last will be featured in 6 different models so everyone can find their perfect, go-everywhere hybrid boot.

2024 Volkl Skis

Happy centennial to our rippin friends at Volkl, who bring a few new players to their solid series of all mountain skis. On the freeride side, you can enjoy new additions to the Blaze, Revolt, and Rise series’, and updated versions of the Katana V. Works and Secret 102.

The new Revolt 114 bridges the gap between their popular 104 and 121 width models. The ski industry is seeing a surge of freeride skis in the 110 - 115 range underfoot, and the Revolt 114 is no exception. It follows the construction of the rest of the Revolt line, featuring a twin-tip design, full sidewall, and multi-layer wood core. And it’s specialty? Ripping pow and landing freeride tricks. We think Marcus Eder might be excited about this one. For now the 114 is a taller person ski, with sizes ranging from 177 to 191 cm. For more on piste pursuits, the Revolt 95 turns into the new Revolt 96, which features a slightly narrower turn radius and loves to support your butters, whether it’s feathering a side hit or exploring the park with pals. This ski is unisex, with its smallest size coming in at a 157.

Continuing the trend of wide skis that aren’t straight up surfboards, the Blaze 114 fills the same gap as the Revolt in the category of lightweight freeride touring and everyday. Everyone skiing pow in the backcountry deserves to feel the power of a true floaty ski. The only metal in this ski is a titanal binding platform for support, otherwise it follows the same lightweight wood construction of the Blaze line. Use it as a lightweight everyday deep snow ski or screw a pair of pin bindings on for uphill freeride adventures. For now it only comes in sizes ranging from 176 to 192cm, but we hope to see the expansion of sizes in the next few years. On the opposite end, the Blaze 82 / 82 W fills the void of an on-piste beginner to intermediate ski that’s also suitable for up and coming backcountry-speed racers who value efficiency and love hard snow.

The Katana V Works and Secret 102 keep their places in Volkl’s much loved freeride line for men and women respectively, with the V-Werks adding a moderate amount of taper to its construction and the Secret 102 tightening up its turn radius and adding a fully capped sidewall.

And while we’re here, you can’t forget the kiddos on your touring adventure. There’s a new Blaze Jr. and Rise Jr. that come in shorter sizes and give your up-and-coming fast kid the chance to experience snow beyond bounds.

As always, we encourage you to check out the many bright and updated graphics that Volkl debuts for their 100th anniversary lineup. While they’re not specific to the anniversary, we think they represent Volkl’s evolution into a modern company that isn’t afraid to shred all parts of the mountain.

2023 ZAG Skis

2024 Zag Skis

ZAG has been making waves across the Atlantic since their introduction from France a few years ago, and the 2023/2024 lineup is one to get excited about.

The Slap family are some of the funnest skis around, with the playfulness of a park ski and the edge hold of a stiffer piste ski. The brand new Slap 92! Brings absolute versatility in the resort, the perfect width for sweeping turns or quick, slashy dips in the trees. We’re not going to call this a quiver-killer ski because there’s nothing like the Slap 122! when the conditions are deep. But if you can only have one ski, the Slap 92! really does slap. 

If backcountry terrain is more your calling, the UBAC line is a master of minimalism. ZAG has always had the uphill figured out, with lightweight materials that feel practically cloudlike. A slightly refined construction takes their downhill performance to new heights, with even better dampening and edge hold in variable snow. ZAG’s 23/24 motto is “have fun everywhere at the resort,” but with the dynamic new UBACs, we know you’ll be just as stoked beyond the ropes. Mens and Women's Zag skis are distinguished by a "Lady," designation and the UBAC line features a slightly softer flex in the women's version. However the UBAC 106 is relatively unisex and goes down to a 164 in length. In the Slap series, the women's and mens skis are functionally the same.
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